Read File Line by Line

Reading a file line by line using Bash

Read Directory with Boost

Reading a directory with the Boost library.

Save Figures to File Automatically

Save a displayed figure to an .eps and .png file.

Regex Matching with Boost

Exemplar piece of code to match a regex pattern

Ris to BibTeX conversion
Bash (CL)    

Needs bibutils package to be loaded. Solution taken from here

Replace Filename Spaces

Replace the spaces in a filename with a underscore and dashes, i.e. _-_

Count Words in PDF File
Bash (CL)    

Count the number of words in a PDF file from command line.

Absolute Filepath Boost C++

Create absolute file path using Boost C++.

Run Screen Terminal Background
Bash (CL)    

Run a command on a screen terminal on background (by detaching immediately).

Git Copy Remote Branch
Bash (CL)    

A one-liner to copy a remote git branch to a project

Batch Rename Files
Bash (CL)    

Rename all files -- here .JPG files are renamed by replacing spaces with underscores

List Information of Image Files
Bash (CL)    

Batch listing information (size, format etc.) of image files

Video from Frames

A simple perl script that creates vides from collections of frames.

created by e. sariyanidi. coded using python django — source code available in resources.
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