Visual Vocabulary Creator (bag-of-words)
C++, MATLAB Make your visual vocabulary for bag-of-words representation. Needs OpenCV (tested only on OpenCV 2.1)
Kalman Object Tracking
C++ Originally was designed to track faces, but can be used with any rectangular objects.
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QLZM - Quantised Local Zernike Moments
C++ An image representation used for expression recognition, proposed in BMVC'13 (see publications).
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Automatic Visual Landmark Extraction
C++ Extracts visually salient patches automatically and uses them for loop closure.
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Academics' Webpage
Python (Django) The source code of this web page
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Stereo Calibration Code
MATLAB The entire stereo calibration code I used for my MSc thesis.
Face Cropping Scripts
MATLAB Some MATLAB scripts to crop (de-rotate faces etc.) in a few popular face databases
Review Letter Template for Peer-Reviewed Journals
LaTeX A template to use while responding to reviewers in peer-reviewed journals. You can enumerate comments and answers, and refer to other answers in the letter.
created by e. sariyanidi. coded using python django — source code available in resources.
visual components designed using Inkscape